Therapeutic Herbology

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This 150-hour course offers the fundamental study of the most widely used therapeutic herbs and formulas that may benefit a variety of conditions from the common cold to arthritis. The course will follow general Asian medical theory and assessment with some focus on the general principles of Ayurveda.. The course will cover 50-75 herbs, with hands-on identification, used in the categories for Blood tonics, Qi tonics, Yin tonics, Yang tonics, Digestive tonics, Hot/Cold phlegm accumulations, Arthritis, Stagnation of Qi/Blood, Warming, Clear Heat, Diuretics and Diaphoretics. The student will learn the Asian medical model for assessment and the art of herbal formula combination as a strategy in treatment. Various forms of the herbs from the raw and dried leaves and twigs to prepackaged pills, concentrated powders, and tinctures will be explored in a workshop and lecture structure. Instruction in methods of preparation, and dosage and treatment duration will enable the student to complete the program with a working knowledge of Therapeutic Herbology.

Medical Theory & Assessment   40
Herb identification and actions   50
Formula preparation   30
Case Studies   20
Review/Exams/Critiques   10
Total Hours 150

Tuition and Fees

REGISTRATION $100 Nonrefundable
TUITION $2,220 150 hours of course work
BOOKS $175
TOTAL $2,495 5% discount if 50% paid at registration