Medical Qi Gong

15 minute session $25
(Note: Current fees are for cash or check payment.  Credit Card charges will incur a 2.75% handling fee.)

The Chinese term “Qi” translates to: vital energy or life force. The term “Gong” translates to: train or culture. Qi Gong is a set of exercises that train or enhance the vital energy and life force. Qi Gong is a comprehensive therapy program for individual self healing using movement, breathing rhythms and meditation on acu-energy points and pathways, organs and Qi centers. Qi Gong is widely practiced in China by many people early in the morning before work. The exercises are used in treatment regimens in hospitals and clinics. There are many styles of Qi Gong that have been handed down from generation to generation for over 3,000 years.

The term Medical Qi Gong generally relates to a more specific exercise either performed by the patient or performed by the therapist to address organ deficiency and/or malfunction.  Often the therapist can assist the flow of qi for the client with specific techniques with his/her own qi and the qi in the environment.  These techniques are cultured with steady practice by the therapist to enhance the power and vibration of his/her own qi.  Then by connecting with the qi of the patient the therapist can magnetize and circulate the patients qi to improve health and well being.

Benefits of Qi Gong
Lower Blood Pressure
Decrease Anxiety
Relieve Pain
Soothe Asthma
Normalize Appetite
Reduce Stress
Increase Engergy
Rejuvenate sexual vigor
Enhance Immune System
Develop Intuition
Stimulate Circulation
Improve Well Being