Therapeutic Herbology

Until well into the twentieth century much of the pharmacopoeia of scientific medicine was derived from the herbal lore of native peoples. Herbal medicine is at once a truly traditional medicine and yet, one that continues to grow. It reveres and utilizes the past, but also incorporates innovation based on clinical experience and scientific investigation. Many of the herbal prescriptions have been in use for hundreds of years and proven themselves in clinical application.

It is my deep belief that herbal therapy is an important and valuable aid to the health and well being of all people. An herbal prescription is often a valuable adjunct to reharmonizing the body systems in a therapeutic regime. Therapeutic herbs are prescribed according to the assessment of the disharmony presented by the individual versus the western approach of prescribing by the disease. Therefore, a patient may be prescribed an entirely different formula even though he/she may be complaining of the same “disease” as another. It is very important to seek the counsel of a trained herbalist before taking herbal formulas. The wrong formula may make the situation worsen.

I  strive to prescribe formulas from organically grown sources.  I choose Chinese formulas as well as Ayurvedic formulas as best addresses the issue.

Consult fee $55    cc charges incur 2.75% handling fee

There is an additional cost for the herbal prescription which will depend on the quantity and source.