Diet & Detoxification


Within the scope of an Asian Medical or Ayurvedic medical assessment lies the very important review of the the diet. Our daily medicines or toxicities often come from what and when we eat. Using information and principles from nutritional therapies from Asian, Ayurvedic, Blood Type, and Allergy elimination protocols a diet just right for you can be found and followed easily. A healthy body reflects good digestion. An important point to remember, however, is that it is often not WHAT we eat but HOW WE DIGEST the food that really matters. Many have very “healthy” diets but their body is repelling the foods because of improper food combining, cooking or non cooking methods of preparation, food sensitivies, blood type rejections or dosha (ayurvedic) specific disharmonies. Finding the right diet can mean the difference between health and ease vs. dis-ease and discomfort. Simply removing and/or adding various foods to or from the diet can change the picture for the better.


Ayurveda offers a very gentle whole body detox incorporating herbs, specific foods, lymphatic massage, oil massage and gentle exercise for seasonal detoxification.  Mount Shasta Holistic has developed a protocol from the basic Ayurvedic point of view which allows anyone to safely and easily begin a detoxification program at home in stages.  Stage one has simple steps to help the body’s own detoxification system kick in without changing your diet….stage 2-4 will gradually intensify your program at your own pace.  You may only need stage 2 to see some dramatic results.  Stage 4 is for the person ready and able to focus some energy into their health and rejuvenation.

All assessments include dietary review, recommendations, and food specific sensitivity testing, if necessary, manually or through the laboratory. Using food vials and kinesiology, the practitioner can find which food your body is currently rejecting and has become “allergic” or “sensitive” to.  Specific dietary protocol incorporating acupuncture and/or marma point therapy can  “reset” the body allowing better assimilation and harmony within.

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