Ayurvedic Assessment

Initial Consultation & Assessment $95
Subsequent Consultations $55
(Note: Current fees are for cash or check payment.  Credit Card charges will incur a 2.75% handling fee.)

Traditional medicine from India, Ayurveda (ayur = life, veda = knowledge) offers a unique perspective in assessing the balance and harmony in the body. There are three dynamic forces “doshas” at work in the body; Vata, Pitta, Kapha. A predominant “dosha’ assessment will tell you which foods to eat, what foods to avoid, when to exercise and what kind of exercise is best suited. You will become more aware of your personality type and how to enhance and harmonize with your environment within the structure of the Ayurvedic principles. Most often a person has at least two “doshas” which predominate the underlying body type. Learn how to balance and when to balance these dynamic forces to achieve harmony and health.

Typically a questionnaire is filled out by the patient, a pulse is taken at the wrist and the doctor is able to easily assess the current condition of the body and what doshas are playing into any disharmony. Several dietary recommendations and life style habits will be reviewed. There are wonderful organic or wildcrafted herbal formulas specifically suited to reharmonize each dosha and condition presented.  Personalized seasonal Detoxification is helpful to balance the dosha dynamics for each individual.